They were looking for beer in Qatar 2022 and ended up with a sheikh and exotic animals

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A man named Alex Sullivan, from England, shared a story to TalkSport that seems unreal, as he recounted: “We were looking for some beers and they said: ‘we have beers’, so we jumped in the back of their Toyota Land Cruiser and ended up in a great palace.”

“He showed us monkeys, his exotic birds, it was crazy,” continued the young man, who is a supporter of the Everton club. Then his friend named John, who also accompanied him, revealed: “last night we met one of the sheikh’s sons and we He took us to the palace and showed us it had lions and everything. They made us feel so welcome. It doesn’t get any better than this.”

In case anyone doubted his story, Alex shared videos on his Snapchat account that show that what he said was true. In the images, it can be seen that he is in a kind of courtyard recounting: “we were on a beer mission and now we are on a journey with Nawaf and Abdul-Aziz”, then it shows a man using the thawb and greeting him from the entrance of the living place.

Later he showed that he was in a room with several sofas, a PlayStation 5 video game console and his friend and his father chatting with the hosts.

In the recordings it is also seen that he visits an area where there is a cage with a lion cub, with which he later starts to play.

Some Argentine fans experienced a similar situation, as one of them told Infobae that they were in a bar when they received a message that they were invited to a party organized by a sheikh, for which they hesitated at first, but then they accepted and went to the place.

“We arrived in three different Ubers and we began to sing ‘let’s go, let’s go Argentina’ and all of them around filming, jumping with us. They asked us to please sing songs, to take photos with them. There were 30 sheikhs all dressed in white, filming us as if we were a play,” he recounted.

Then they offered them a great meal: “There was a banquet for everyone, like baked lamb with rice, he made us all sit down and eat freely. All because we were Argentines”.

At the end of the party they were taken to the places where they had stayed, for which they told the aforementioned outlet: “The hospitality they gave us was incredible, they were super kind to all of us and the only thing that interests them is to make us feel at home , and help us in everything we need.


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