They want her to direct the Tri

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The artist is a declared lover of soccer and did not hesitate when expressing her opinions about the Mexican team (Photo by Victor Chavez/WireImage).

That women are sports lovers is no surprise. Nor, at this point in the history of humanity, that they are capable of commenting and being experts in any discipline. But in the case of Paty Cantú, the surprise was discovering a new facet of the artist so deeply involved and steeped in Mexican soccer that she had not been seen until now, although through her Twitter account she had given certain indications.

Cantú’s passion for football is not a secret, but no one imagined that she took it so seriously.

Cantú was invited to participate in ‘Los Maestros en La Jugada’, by TUDN. There she shared with José Manuel de la Torre, Ricardo Peláez, Jaime Lozano, Mauro Camoranesi and Ricardo La Volpe, where they spoke -among other things- about what the future should hold for the Mexican team after its questionable performance in the Qatar 2022 World Cup. .

Cantú’s analyzes surprised many, not only because of the correctness of his assessments, but also because of the respectful tone with which they were issued. For her, it’s not just about criticizing, but accompanying them with a proposal. And that is why theirs did not wait.

For the composer and host, the formula to rescue El Tri is to form a shortlist between a promising coach, an experienced coach and a sports director. With these elements aligned, according to her, it would be possible to work as a team and make joint decisions. Her proposal is “so that the grids end, so that there are no doubts, so that there are no judgments from outside and so that there is trust,” she added.

Paty also ventured to put names on the table, in a team that includes La Volpe, Peláez and Lozano to merge “experience with promise.” The artist showed her concern about the possible scenarios of not taking corrective measures in a timely manner. “I don’t want the emergency of generational change to catch us,” she confessed.

Lionel Messi’s goal against Mexico was also part of the discussion on the show. About this, the singer said that “I was not understanding very well why there was this alignment of 5-3-2 […] When you are playing against Argentina all you have to do is not let this man [Messi] the ball for more than ten seconds and when you have the miracle of stopping a goal or going through a whole first half without being scored against, well, Argentina will change their strategy and you have to come out in a different way”.

The comments on social networks did not wait for this event. From people who appreciated the possibility of seeing a woman like Cantú exercising this role of analyst to people who -with humor- commented on her versatility, alluding that she could talk about football face to face with renowned figures, but that the men who accompanying her would be unable to write a song like she does.

There was no shortage of those who compared Paty’s opinions with those of Marion Reimers and highlighted the positive way in which Cantú expressed hers. From there even comments were born that the position towards Reimers has nothing to do with the fact that she is a woman, but with her attitude in general.

There were even those who dared to propose Cantú to lead the team. “If Paty Cantú is a composer, compose the Mexican team,” she read in a tweet.

The artist, who recently participated as a host on Netflix’s Iron Chef cooking show, surprised many with her ability to lead a program of this type and show another of her great hobbies: gastronomy. Just as she clarified at the time that she is a foodie (food fan) but not a chef, now it is clear that she is a soccer lover and that her opinions are more than well founded.


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