They viralize video with attitudes of IMSS employees

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  • According to IMSS figures, on average, just over 404,500 queries can be given.

  • The IMSS performed 2,825 surgeries, 35 transplants, and more than 91,000 consultations during the twelfth National Conference on Continuity of Health Services.

  • According to the INEGI in 2020 there were just over 50 million beneficiaries.

In a video that went viral on Tiktok of the user Ruben Olivares, you can see the attitudes in which workers attend to patients who have their medical consultations at the IMSS.

According to a study conducted by the American Management Association, purchases made by loyal customers, who return to an organization again and again because they are satisfied with the services received, represent 65 percent of the average sales volume of a company.

According to the Service Quality Institute, service is “selling” because it encourages customers to return to the company more often and to buy more. The text indicates that in order to provide good customer service it is necessary to meet some conditions:

  • Management commitment

At this point it is highlighted that managers must demonstrate that interest in satisfying customer needs, since, if they do not lead by example, employees will not be able to follow the company’s ideology.

For this section, the document highlights the importance of having sufficient capital to maintain and develop this strategy for its clients.

  • Visible service improvements

This point refers to the fact that the client will perceive the improvements in the service, which means for the consumer that the product is better based on their experience with the company.

Hoping that the staff that will provide the service have the knowledge and strategies necessary to correctly perform their duties.

All parties must be connected to know all the products and services offered by the company in order to work as a team to achieve and meet customer expectations.

  • Involvement or commitment of all employees

All workers must have a sense of belonging to the company and that their way of acting and solving problems can harm the image of the company and its services to customers to the point of losing the loyalty of some of them.

Based on the above and based on Tiktok, we know that sometimes both IMSS workers and patients have had the best experiences with each other throughout its history, however, if both parties put their finger on the line, the services that is provided and the experience can improve much more between both.

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