They show what it is like to record an advertising spot for Boing

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  • Through a video on TikTok, a young woman makes her work known by recording an advertising spot for the Boing brand.

  • In Mexico, according to what is mentioned in a recent study, the voiceover job has a salary of just over eight thousand pesos a month.

  • Worldwide, there are more than 200 million content creators spread across all social networks.

A video shows what the work of a commercial announcer is like when making an advertising spot for Boing.

Taking into account the boom that social networks have had in recent years, becoming powerful content platforms, eCommerce and, of course, as an essential link between people, companies and brands, as they are also turning to see what is happening on the digital scene.

And it is that, in some way, social networks represent an opportunity for brands to maintain a closer relationship with the consumer, revealing a little about their work, their different product development processes, their labor relations, etc.

An example of this can be seen in what Bimbo has done during his time on TikToka platform used to show a bit of the history of what happens around the brand and its presence in various countries, such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and India.

This is how they record an advertising spot for Boing

Since some years, spaces like Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube Shorts, being more visual, have become a very useful tool for users.

Let’s not forget that, currently, content creators represent an important strategy for brands in order to reach a new niche of consumers, who, according to some specialists, are more receptive to what they watch on the networks social.

Taking this as a starting point, let’s talk about the case of a TikTok user, a commercial announcer who, to the surprise of a large number of Internet users, is the voice behind the radio station Máxima 100.9 FM.

Among its contents, the tiktoker @daya_cardonna shows what her work is like by making various advertising spotswork that, as can be read in the comment box, has surprised more than one Internet user.

It is so in one of his most recent videos, shared with his fan base part of the recording process of an advertising spot for the Boing brandmanaging to surprise, once again, several users.


20 thousand likes and I show you how it turned out? (if it doesn’t come I’ll still show it) #boing #advertising #arreconlaquebarre #Cheers #dayacardona

? original sound – Daya Cardona ?

Many times, part of the job of a radio announcer is to make commercial announcements for brands, unintentionally becoming their “official” voice, a job that, with social networks, can make themselves known about how it is. the “behind the scenes” process.

It should be noted that, according to a study signed by Glassdoor, In Mexico, the average salary of an announcer is just over eight thousand pesos per monththis without counting benefits or bonuses that they may receive.

Today, thanks to social networks, this type of content works well among Internet users, as is the case with another female presenter who, Through the Chinese social network, it shows its work by making spots for brands such as Liverpool, Nescafé, Suavitelamong others.


Reply to @daysi123405 Here is a demo recording the voice over of a commercial. ? If you want information about my next voiceover workshop, follow me on Instagram and send me a message! ?? #AndyAlducin #recording #commercial #Liverpool

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It is clear that the digital scene is, today, a great tool and an important link to connect with consumers.

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