They seek to promote traditional Mexican medicine

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With the aim of maintaining respect, legality and bioconservation of the ancestral knowledge of Mexico, the “Intercultural Forum of Entheogenic Medicine” is held in the Senate.

According to Senator Alejandra Lagunes Soto Ruiz of the Green Party, the approach to entheogenic medicine must be from an intercultural and multidisciplinary perspective, since she also considered “it could be the answer to the growing and silent mental health crisis.”

He recalled that entheogenic medicine is an essential part of ancient cultures, of their ways of transmitting knowledge and healing processes.

For her part, the senator and president of the Indigenous Affairs Commission, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz of the National Action Party (PAN), highlighted the importance of native communities and peoples contributing their knowledge to help treat mental illnesses, in order to find active components in plants and fungi.

Alejandrina Pedro Castañeda, a traditional Mazatec doctor, asked to strengthen entheogenic medicine from home, implementing herbal practices in order to prevent diseases.

Finally, the founder of the Mexica tradition group “Nahualcoyotl Tollocán”, Alejandro Durán Padilla, called for the rescue of traditional medicine and respectful reference to traditional native plants.

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