They reveal the reason why Anuel AA and Yailin would be divorcing

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According to different media outlets from the country of origin of Yailin the most viral, the marriage between her and the Puerto Rican ragpicker is in the midst of a crisis so severe that it has even led them to initiate divorce proceedings.

In the Dominican program This is not radio it was revealed that in addition to going through a separation conflict, yailin she is pregnant

According to the media, this would be the reason why the influencer and Anuel AA they would be initiating divorce proceedings, why?

As explained in the aforementioned program, it is understood that the reasons for the alleged separation are related to the previously agreed conditions that both celebrities accepted in the prenuptial agreement, where it is specified that the ‘Chivirika’ could not get pregnant for a certain time.

This rumor quickly went viral on all social networks, as the controversial couple did not hesitate to show off over and over again. Rumors even arose of different hints that they would have thrown at Carol G. Anuel’s ex.

The couple constantly uploaded stories and bragged about how happy they had been since their relationship began, but from time to time, and to the surprise of their thousands of followers, they stopped doing it

The last photo that the reggaeton player shared with his still wife was to congratulate her on her birthday a month ago, from then on, they have not published photos of the two together again. Even, yailin deactivated his official account Instagram, which further increased the rumors of marital crisis that they would be facing right now.