They reveal audios in which Ana Guevara threatens and announces to water sports athletes the withdrawal of their support: “Everything is cancelled”

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The process magazine revealed a series of audios from a meeting they held on January 18 Ana guevarahead of the National Sports Commission (Conade), and Kirill Todorovformer president of the Mexican Swimming Federation (FMN), with athletes from aquatic disciplines, in which they were informed that all financial support they received will be cancelled.

Guevara’s request to the athletes was that advocate for Todorov, unknown by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) for mishandling, and that fight for the disappearance of the Stabilization Committeean organization created by FINA to be in charge of water sports in Mexico.

As long as this does not happen, that is, that the athletes, in addition to training, try to get the Mexican Olympic Committee and World Aquatics (formerly the International Swimming Federation, FINA) to recognize Todorov again as an authority of the Mexican Swimming Federation, support will be cancelled.

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Mexican water sports athletes, at risk of losing the Olympic cycle towards Paris 2024 due to threats from Ana Guevara

Guevara told the athletes that the Stabilization Committee is “illegal” and that is why Conade cannot continue supporting them. The official’s words were supported by Ricardo Baezdirector of Regulations and Legal Affairs of the Conade, present at the aforementioned meeting, according to information Process.

“If we keep going, Conade is going to become a hostage to the Stabilizing Committee. The time has come to make a stop and you are in the middle (…) We are going to have to freeze scholarships, salaries and all events are canceled until this is resolved (…) We have no choice because, If we move on, the ones who are going to persecute us are us. because we would be violating the internal regulation of the Conade, and this would lead to observations and sanctions.

I know there is work, dreamsbut there are external to this work cell who have wanted to boycott a path of many years of yours (…) FINA has been disrespectful, it has been violent because it has come to interfere where it is not its turn and to decide where it is not its turn to decide (…) I think the time has come for you to raise your voice too.”, Guevara is heard saying at the meeting with athletes and coaches, which lasted almost three hours.


In the meeting different athletes took the floor, among them the captain of the Mexican Artistic Swimming Team, Nuria Diosdadowho said “taken wave” for the announcement of the withdrawal of support, and confronted Todorov by commenting that how they asked them to team up if they had not seen him for three years, since he is the president of the FMN.

We hadn’t seen you for three years, Kiril. We athletes are being left as ‘go, advocate’, when you haven’t been with us eitherI haven’t seen you for three years, I haven’t heard from you for three years… If you say ‘let’s team up’, well, you would have started, you are the leader of this Federation”.

For his part, Kirill Todorovwho despite the ignorance of FINA still holds as the president of the Mexican Swimming Federation and is also recognized by Conade (by Ana Guevara), assured the athletes that he has not left them alone.

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“When you think you have not been served, I want you to know that all my time has been spent serving you and defending the FMNdo not be mistaken into thinking that I have only been defending myself in a personal way.

“Having been president of the FMN, a little or a lot, with time it will be seen, I have done something positive for you and I have defended you in difficult moments on more than one occasion and it has been a constant work of conciliation, of search for the common good”, mentions Todorov.

In addition, the leader supported Guevara in the sense that they, in their capacity as authorities, could have repercussions if they continue supporting the athletes.

“In this case I am not willing to eat a sentence of what do you like, 20 years, in case they attended events, no, thanks”.


Before the questions of athletes to stay “alone”, without financial support, without scholarships and perhaps even without training facilities, Ana Guevara He said that he could not do anything and that it is they, the athletes, who must now find a solution.

“The Mexican government is the one who pays for all this, pays for their coaches, the facilities, their scholarships, their trips, to get to a party that is not organized by any country in the world, it is organized by the International Olympic Committee, and it is a constant, It is not our particular case.

“When we got to the Olympic Games, imagine if I said, ‘I educated you, I traveled you, I made you, I polished you‘ and now all I can do is hand you over to them to decide what they’re going to do with you at that party called the Olympic Games.

“What is going to happen? Unfortunately this, having to close the window and having them determine what the future will be… We can’t go on because I’m not going to put my head in the middle… for something that I have nothing to do with.

“Obviously I do side with you, it hurts me, how unfortunate and very painful (sic) is that I do not have a choice and that the interest of the Olympic Committee is in something else and not in you, because the blackmail of ‘they are going to come to me with the medals’ came; I’m not here to play the hero I’m not here to be playing the little fights to see who can do more, no ”.

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According to the audios published by Processover and over again Guevara justified that the only way left for him was to take away the support of athletes for the 2024 Paris Olympic cycle.

“What is going to happen? This meeting is to inform you that everything is cancelled, everything is cancelled.

“The subsequent thing is that the Olympic Committee will also have to issue a position on what it is going to do.

“Suppose they go to the selective and who is going to pay for the trip, who is going to pay for the camp, who is going to pay for the tickets for them to travel to the World Cup and who is going to pay,” Guevara reiterated.

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