They redesign a picture of Messi in the Panini album; result falls in love

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  • A user decided to redesign the Qatar World Cup stickers due to constant complaints about his image.

  • The video has managed to accumulate more than 3 million visits and even, after the success of the first video, he decided to make a whole collection.

  • The price of each individual envelope of the Panini World Cup album is 22 Mexican pesos, 4 pesos more than what they cost during Russia 2018.

Through a redesign to the stamp of Messi from the Qatar 2022 Panini albuma user showed that perhaps “it was not so difficult” to do a more complete job to satisfy the fans.

And it is that, since the designs were shown to consumers, the opinions were divided, mainly due to the high costs between the cards, which increased their value in Mexico by four pesos, to the unimaginative designs of the album. Thus, a graphic designer decided to carry out his own visual proposal.

The World Cup Panini album is on sale in most Latin American countries, including Mexico. These are the costs in general:

Envelope with five stamps: 18 pesos
Box with 104 envelopes: 1,872 pesos
Ecoblister with 10 sachets: 179 pesos
Softcover album with two envelopes: 59 pesos
Softcover album with four envelopes: 89 pesos
Regular hard cover album: 247 pesos
Hardcover album with 104 envelopes: 2,121 pesos

They redesign a picture of Messi in the Panini album; result falls in love

When the user ferdelucaok He uploaded a video complaining about the design of the World Cup prints, he did it through Messi’s card. In that video, he showed what the designs should have looked like from his perspective.

The first thing that stood out was that the prints are more like a photograph, since they do not show the player’s performance on the field. For this, he used a picture of the Argentine soccer player on the field, changing the background to a blue color. Respectively, he added the World Cup logo and the flag of Argentina below it, to later add a close-up photograph of Messi.

Finally, it was in charge of adding relevant statistical data about the footballer within the competition, such as his position, his weight, his height, his dorsal number, the number of games played and the goals scored.

This was the first video shared:

@ferdelucaok Made my own @Panini World Cup design 👊 #learningwithferdeluca ♬ original sound – ferdelucaok

Second part of the video

After uploading this first video to social networks, the response from fans was quite positive. According to what is indicated, he managed to collect more than 3 million “likes”, so he decided to make a second part with 16 soccer players representing half of the teams participating in the World Cup.

Among those that stand out were designs of Cristiano RonaldoKilyan Mbappé, Neymar Jr, Robert Lewandoski, Son Heung-Min, Harry Kane, Kevin De Bruyne, Luis Suárez, Luka Modric, Pedri, among many others.

Appreciating the response of his followers, he pointed out that he would have been happy to make his own album and market it, but not being panini, you do not have the rights to do so. However, the user, taking advantage of the technological boost, stated that he opened his account in Open Sea and has decided to sell them as NFT’s (non-fungible tokens).

This was the second video shared by the user:

@ferdelucaok It’s gone, I did mine 😎⚽ . #learningwithferdeluca ♬ original sound – ferdelucaok

This video has received more than 63 thousand “likes” in a single day, which shows not only the love that his followers have for football, but also for this type of content.

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