They propose a law that regulates traditional medicine with mushrooms

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The Senator Alejandra Lagunes reported in an interview with Picture Group who will present an initiative to regulate the indigenous traditional medicine, entheogenic and the psychedelic substances of the psilocybin mushroomssince current health legislation dates from the 1960s, and stigmatizes this ancestral wisdom.

We must take the regulated use of psychedelic substances, the protection of the ancestral knowledge of indigenous peoples on this subject, and the promotion of the bioconservation of psychoactive flora and fauna in Mexico seriously,” said Senator Alejandra Lagunes.

under the Intercultural Forum of Entheogenic Medicine In the Senate of the Republic, the senator listened to the proposals of representatives of the original peoples and doctors, about medicinal plants and mushrooms.

It is an honor and a great responsibility for me to promote its decriminalization and regulation, which promotes the bioconservation of ancestral knowledge systems that use entheogenic medicine, research and its application in the treatment of diseases such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress and addictions, among many others,” said the senator.

He affirmed that this Intercultural Forum of Entheogenic Medicine seeks to propose a new paradigm on three great challenges that affect everyone: the growing and silent mental health crisis, the prohibitionist policy of the use of entheogens of natural origin and the protection of psychoactive flora and fauna. .

He pointed out that Mexico is not leading the revolution for the decriminalization and regulation of entheogens, such as psilocybin and psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline or peyote and DMT, that is, ayahuasca and “sapo” or bufo alvarius), as countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Holland and Israel.

This medicine that indigenous peoples have preserved and contributed to the rest of the world for millennia is today the subject of internationally recognized scientific research and millionaire investments for the development of medicines adapted to biomedicine”, he highlighted.

Therefore, he warned that native peoples cannot be left out of these advances in mental health. “It is a historical debt to recognize and give back to those who are at the center and are the heart of the conservation of this biocultural heritage.”

He explained that the prohibition and erroneous categorization of entheogens Not only has it failed in its objective of reducing consumption, but it has also resulted in violations of the human rights and self-determination of the indigenous peoples, whose medicine men and women, healers, and shamans are today in prison for carrying and sharing their medicines. .

I trust the legislator of Green partyin which the Judicial Power safeguards the human and indigenous rights that are recognized in our constitution and the treaties signed by Mexico.

Finally, he stressed that for some years, scientific research has shown that psychotropic substances have significant therapeutic potential, are low in toxicity and do not generate physical dependence or abuse, so their regulation is a unique opportunity for Mexico to play a leading role in this regard. to responsible regulation of psychedelics.


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