They present the ‘Senior’ mobile phone, designed for older people

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have today a smartphone It is common, especially in the case of younger people and that is, who today does not have a mobile phone in which not only make calls, but also send messages, take photos or consult social networks? That is why when we talk about managing a smartphone in the youngest, these do not usually have any problem. But, what happens with the elderly and the use of mobile phones? For them handle a mobile phone it can be a complicated task.

It is precisely for this reason that the brand Gigaset has created a senior mobile so that older people have greater ease when using it. Its about Gigaset GS5 seniora mobile phone that has gone on sale this November for 229 euros and allows the elderly to communicate more easily, be it through calls, text messages WhatsApp or that they can even search the internet for information that interests them.

The GS5 is designed for seniors who don’t want to be left behind when it comes to technology but don’t quite know how to handle the latest smartphones.

Features of the Gigaset ‘Senior’ mobile phone

This smartphone designed for the elderly has a dual camera system with a 48MP main camera and with an ultra wide angle and macro 8 PM. It also has a battery that can be easily replaced, something that is not very common today, and a long duration. It has the option of simplified text and automatic thanks to voice recognition.

Gigaset GS5 ‘Senior’

As a general rule, mobiles that have been created for the elderly have big buttonsa slightly more robust design, charging with a magnetic cable, unlocking with your finger or facial recognition and other functions such as, for example, a emergency button. And in the GS5 ‘Senior’ all this could not be missing. In addition, it also has a very easy-to-use interface, so you won’t have any problems.

They will be able to customize the home screen with up to eight applications, so it is best to place the applications that are most used there. The screen has Full HD+ resolutionand has a size of 6.3 inches. It also has an integrated protective film that can be complemented with a flip cover to prevent damage to the mobile phone.

It has Android 12 As an operating system, it has 4GB of RAM, 62GB internal memory, dual SIM and the option to put the application memory up to 512 GB.

It has an emergency button

But the best of this mobile phone is that it has a emergency key. By pressing the key, the phone will dial the emergency number. But it is not only that, but other contacts can also be added, such as close relatives, so that they also receive the notice.

The mobile phone, when the key is pressed, will send a message to all those added until someone answers. You may even share location in real time to check that everything is ok.

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