They point to the executed as ringleader of a criminal cell

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Juarez City.- The Northern District Prosecutor’s Office officially identified Octavio Domínguez Mendoza as the person who was deprived of his life in front of his wife and son; in the event the minor was wounded by a bullet.

Prosecutor Jesús Manuel Carrasco Chacón reported that the victim’s environment is being investigated, as he is identified as an important leader of a criminal cell that operates in the municipality of Guerrero and other surrounding areas.

He said that once his identity is legally established, they will follow up on his past life and the possibility that he was involved in illicit activities.

The attack was perpetrated last Wednesday shortly after 10 in the morning in the parking lot of the Costco store, located on Tecnológico and Ejército Nacional avenues.

The victim was traveling with his wife and son. The woman ended up on the ground while she prayed for her husband to survive the attack and the minor tried to approach her father’s body.

The prosecutor said that the investigation folder is being integrated and regretted that the event occurred just in a crowded commercial establishment shortly before the start of the Good End, the date expected by organized businesses to increase their sales.

Through the social network Facebook, a man identified as Héctor Borrego threatened Octavio Domínguez Mendoza.

In the message he mentions that the victim has the support of personnel from the State Police and the Northern District Prosecutor’s Office.

“They are going to fall one by one of those who support you and come out to the topon”, says the message, written shortly before the crime was committed in the parking lot of the shopping center and in front of the victim’s family.

The person was going to board a white Lincoln Navigator, model 2021, with license plates DWL 478 A, from the state of Chihuahua.

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