They order 30 months of preventive detention against Yenifer Paredes, sister-in-law of the president of Peru

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(CNN Spanish) — Judge Jhonny Gómez Gamboa, of the Third Preparatory Investigation Court, issued 30 months of preventive detention against the sister-in-law of the President of Peru Pedro Castillo, Yenifer Paredes, and against the mayor of the town of Anguía, José Nenil Medina Guerrero, investigated by the alleged crimes of criminal organization and money laundering.

Judge Gómez Gamboa considered the indications of alleged commission of these crimes invoked by the Prosecutor’s Office to be sufficient.

The representative of the Public Ministry, deputy prosecutor Jorge García Juárez, appealed the ruling because he considers that the 36 months requested by his office is a reasonable period, while the defense of both Medina and Paredes announced during the hearing that they will appeal the judge’s decision. .

CNN has contacted Yennifer Paredes’ attorney on several occasions, but has not received a response. In July, the first lady’s younger sister denied the allegations against her when she appeared before Congress, where she was subpoenaed.

CNN has reached out to Medina’s attorney for comment, but has so far received no response.