They issue an alert so that those responsible for four Durango hospitals accused of the meningitis outbreak cannot flee the country

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The National Institute of Migration (INM) reported this Thursday that it issued an immigration alert against Guillermo “N”, Sandra Idanes “N”, David “N”, Ilse Janeth “N”, José Miguel “N”, Dora Manuela ” N” and Luis Carlos “N”, administrators and owners of four private hospitals in Durango related to the cases of meningitis in the entity.

Currently, those accused are fugitives.

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“The immigration alert has the purpose of verifying, recording and informing the respective authorities about the entry-exit movements of said persons at international transit points,” reported the INM.

In the morning, the Undersecretary for Security, Ricardo Mejia BerdejaHe recalled that there are seven arrest warrants against him, and noted that the authorities are already working on locating the defendants.

“Search procedures have been carried out in 13 private homes for their search without positive results so far, for which they are considered fugitives from justice. There is already collaboration in the 32 federative entities, by the Attorney General of the Republic and Interpolby the National Institute of Migration and the Ministry of Foreign Relations, for its location and apprehension”, he said during the morning conference.

Yesterday, the Secretary of Health of Durango, Irasema Kondoreported that they have registered at least 1,800 suspected meningitis patients in the state, from four hospitals.

The official stated that people who have been exposed to the virus have been summoned and studies have been carried out to confirm or rule out meningitis.

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As of Wednesday, there were 23 deaths from non-contagious meningitis in Durango and a total of 71 confirmed cases, according to the authorities.

The Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, affirmed last week that federal and state authorities are already investigating the outbreak of meningitis in Durango.

According to the federal official, the microscopic fungus Fusarium solani was detected as the cause of the alleged cases of meningitis registered in the entity.

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