they grant the singer a protection order against his nephew

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Ricky Martin is gaining ground in the conflict against his nephew. Photo: AFP

The court of first instance of San Juan Puerto Ricogranted an order of protection to Ricky Martin against his nephew Dennis Yaddiel Sanchez Martinand he will not be able to approach the singer or his family, either in person or by any other means.

The order would have been issued last Thursday, September 8, one day after the lawsuit filed by Ricky Martin against his nephew and this derives from the protection of the Law against Stalking, since the singer’s nephew would have presented a threatening behavior, persecution and harassment.

What is Ricky Martin’s nephew not allowed to do?

The order requires that the nephew of Ricky Martin refrain from harassing, persecuting or threatening him or his family and may not approach the home of the singer or his family, whether in person, by phone, by mail or social networks.

singer’s nightmare

The nightmare that surrounds the singer Ricky Martin began last July when it became known that he had been denounced for domestic violence, sexual abuse and incest.

The complainant was his nephew, Dennis Yaddiel Sanchez Martin, who claimed to have had a relationship with his uncle, but when they broke up, the singer allegedly harassed him. When he was going to start the legal process, the 21-year-old withdrew the complaint and Ricky Martin He stated that this situation had affected him in all areas of his life.

Given the problems that this accusation gave rise to, Ricky Martin filed a lawsuit against Dennis Sánchez Martin for $20 million.

However, the nephew again denounced his uncle for alleged sexual assault before the authorities of Puerto Rico, a situation that was described by the singer’s lawyers as “wildly offensive and completely detached from reality.”

They assure that Dennis Sánchez demands a large amount of money to stop the smear campaign against Ricky Martin.