They go on hunger strike to demand that Tesla repair their cars

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  • At the beginning of the year it was estimated that for every 20 vehicles sold in Norway, at least 19 were electric.

  • Tesla It has positioned itself as one of the most relevant brands in the commercialization of electric cars, achieving sales of more than 108,600 vehicles worldwide.

  • Norway is one of the main consumers of electric vehicles, since it estimates that just over 84 percent of the vehicles in this country are electric.

Within the current context, hybrid and electric cars have positioned themselves as the trending technology, due to the growing need and commitment of citizens to care for the environment without sacrificing mobility; however, this technology is not exempt from small flaws and errors, as pointed out by a group of owners Tesla in Norway, who have decided to go on a hunger strike until the firm solves various flaws that their models have presented.

The electric car firm, owned by Elon Musk, registered sales at the end of last year of more than 308 thousand 600 vehicles worldwide, while in Mexico, Tesla reported sales of just over 180 thousand 570 vehicles, a figure that shows the growing confidence of users for the firm and the cars electrical.

Within this context, Norway has become one of the main countries to consume electric cars, so much so that it is estimated that just over 84 percent of the vehicles in this country are electric, so at the beginning of the year, it was recorded that of every 20 vehicles sold, 19 were non-combustible energies.

Hunger strike; customers require Tesla fix faults in norway

In the last few hours, it has become known that a group of Owners of Tesla vehicles, in Norway, have begun a hunger strike, as a protest, this with the intention of drawing the attention of the firmsince there are several clients of Teslawho have reported various problems with their cars, pointing out faults ranging from loose parts, lights not working and ignition failures, this added to the poor response of the company, a reason that led the owners to take action.

Despite the fact that Norway has a vehicle workforce that is not comparable with other countries such as Mexico and the United States, a large part of it is made up of vehicles Teslawhich is why the market in this country is relevant for the brand, so the users of Tesla they have summarized a list with some of the problems they have faced.

  • Car won’t start when it’s cold
  • Door handles won’t open when it’s cold
  • Intense screeching noise
  • Car won’t start when it’s hot
  • loose front seat
  • Trunk lid filled with rainwater
  • Autopilot not working properly
  • Excessively slow internet connection
  • The car creaks when you pass speed bumps and potholes on the road
  • Loose decorative moldings
  • Doors stop working and in some cases open on their own
  • Yellow borders around screens
  • Windows that do not close completely
  • Systems reboot themselves
  • Problems with the battery charging process
  • Poor paint quality forcing the car to be repainted
  • Lower battery life than claimed by Tesla

However, this is not the only case of failures in terms of electric vehicles, since an unusual incident was recorded in April, in which an electric and autonomous vehicle collided with a private planethe Tesla Model model had a failure in the system called Smart Summon, or intelligent innovation, which they pointed out as the culprit of the incident.

For users, knowing what problems electric car owners face around the world alerts and warns consumers so that alternatives are generated in order to make a more effective purchase.

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