They filter the revealing call made by the pilot of the plane before the Emiliano Sala tragedy

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The revealing call made by the pilot that took Emiliano Sala from Nantes to Cardiff

More than three years after the death of Emiliano Salathe 28-year-old Argentine player who had been acquired by Cardiff City of the Premier League and died in a plane crash on his way to Wales, the BBC gained exclusive access to a revealing phone call made by the pilot involved in the tragedy.

David Ibbotson (59) had a phone conversation with a friend in which he laid bare the technical difficulties suffered by the aircraft. Prior to the dialogue, the man flew to Nantes, France, the city where Sala lived and where he worked as a footballer until then.

After landing at Atlantique Airport, Ibbotson contacted pilot Kevin Jones. In the middle of the conversation, he admitted to having heard “an outburst” while flying towards the French nation. She also complained of having felt a “very low, dense fog” inside the 35-year-old Piper Malibu plane.

“I was in the middle of the Canal [de la Mancha] and I heard a ‘bang’. She didn’t know what was happening. I took the opportunity to review everything, I checked my parameters. Since everything was fine, I kept flying. But it really caught my attention.”were the words of the aviator spread by the English medium.

“That Malibu from time to time has like a dense and very low fog inside. You can feel it, very very low in the whole fuselage”, he added seconds later. He further noted that the left brake pedal was not working properly and “could be dangerous”.

“This plane has to go back to the hangar. It is a very unreliable aircraft.”he told Jones. Hours before Sala boarded the Piper Malibu and they both set off for Cardiff, the pilot said: “Normally I would have my life jacket between my seats, but tomorrow i will use it”.

In the middle of the journey, Sala showed concern for the fragility of the plane. Through an audio, which he sent to a group of friends through WhatsApp, he admitted: “I’m here on top of the plane, which looks like it’s about to fall apart, and I’m going crazy to Cardiff. I don’t know, they’re going to send someone to look for me because I don’t know if they’re going to find me. But you know. Dad… how scared I am”.

The signing of Emiliano Sala and the latest details about the tragedy

In early 2021, Room became the £15m record signing from Cardiff City of the Premier League. At the time of organizing his transfer from France to Wales, the English team offered him to board a commercial flight via Paris. However, the young man refused.. He argued that he wanted to take a little more time to say goodbye to friends and teammates that he had managed to do during his time in Ligue 1.

So Willie McKay, the man who helped negotiate the transfer, then decided to book a direct private flight between Nantes and Cardiff through another pilot, David Henderson. Just an hour after takeoff from runway number three, the Piper Malibu N264DB disappeared from radar over the English Channel and air and sea rescues began.

The aircraft was flying at 5,000 feet when Ibbotson lost control while descending to avoid clouds and plunged into the English Channel just north of the Channel Islands at an estimated speed of 433 km/h. The plane crash investigators discovered that The footballer would have been “deeply unconscious” due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The pilot would probably have been affected as well.

The last known images of Emiliano Sala were with the 59-year-old man while passed through various airport controls.

The young man’s body was recovered from the rubble, at 68 meters deep, two weeks after the accident. The N264DB plane was at the bottom of the sea.

Henderson, who organized the flight, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for recklessly endangering the safety of an aircraft, which did not have the corresponding license to be used commercially.


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