They dismantle it – Felipe Ramos Rizo

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After an exhaustive investigation by the FMF, the statement came out that Antonio López and César Moreno Roa would be left out of the Referee Commission; the first, a compadre of Benito Archundia, and the second, the most gangster of the commissioners in recent years, both accused of arrogance, abuse and offering promotions and demotivities to whoever they wanted, especially López, who paved the way for his son with the authorization of Benito to be able to debut him promptly in Liga MX.

Benito was left without his two accomplices who did his dirty work, no one can say that Benito did not know what they were doing, first they imposed on the Chilean Osses and now they have taken away his compadre; Undoubtedly, staying in the position suits him well with that adage: “MAN LOSES MANY THINGS AND SOME THINGS CAN BE FOUND, BUT IF HE LOSES DIGNITY AND SHAME, THOSE WILL NEVER BE FOUND”.

It shows that he is a president without authority, when he took office he said that he prepared to be president of the Commission by doing a sports diploma, but I think he was scammed.

I hope the investigations continue, there are many people who are giving courses in the Republic doing their own thing and offering promotions to the referees, we must continue with the fairness in arbitration.

It seems that the position was quite large for Benito, since arbitration is going from bad to worse, they boasted about the performances of the referees in the World Cup, but locally the crisis that arbitration has suffered for several years continues, internal problems and the stabbings between commissioners are the order of the day and it seems difficult for them to lift it, there is a lot of material for the arbitration to improve, but the training, instruction, administration of the Commission and arbitration are on the ground and can not continue at all so this situation


The rookies were saved, Víctor Cáceres and Jorge Camacho, both with good performances, if they worked with them personally, they would improve a lot, because there are several technical details that need to be improved, there is no one to take care of them and getting a good match is gold ground for the commission.


What a mother lie that Cesarín Ramos took by Jesús Corona, welcome to Liga MX; logical, how dare he admonish him for wasting time when he is losing, totally incongruous, he got angry and destroyed the people on the bench, that’s why I commented in my last column that I hope he would put into practice the ability and seriousness he put into the World Cup here in Mexico, but it came back worse.

Fernando Guerrero in Toluca vs América, he did not sanction a penalty for the Águilas, he did not dare to show Baeza the second yellow card, who was reprimanded at 41′ and in the penalty he saw and did not score, the same player held the shirt to Valdez and he became the deceased so as not to expel him, very local.

Daniel Quintero made his debut with a FIFA badge, very quickly he got into the coyote in the matches, like many others he already pretends not to see so as not to show the second warning to the players, this was the case of Sanabria who, while in front of the play and he did not expel him, and the VAR had to intervene, every day the VAR has to save him, hopefully they will talk to him, I think the badge was too big for him.

What a disappointment I was with Marco Antonio Ortiz, he saw face to face that André-Pierre Gignac cut his sleeve and he better stayed away from the play, the best in Mexico cannot do that, badly in the classification of fouls, that’s why they have him to correct and that is why he does not expel Aquino.

Finally, talk about the refereeing of Luis E. Santander in Santos vs. Pumas, where he did a good job.



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