They discover the body of a 5-year-old girl embedded in concrete and used by the mother as a nightstand | News from Mexico

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ARGENTINA.- A mother of Argentina she was arrested after the grisly discovery of her daughter’s body inside a box with cementwhich was used as a nightstand.

This is Vanesa Alejandra Mansilla, 27, who told the police that she had His daughter Milagros was found deadof five years.

However, the police accuse her of having placed her daughter’s body in a nylon bag. inside a wooden box before filling it with concrete, according to reports. He revealed that her mother used the box as a nightstand in her house in San Andrés, in Buenos Aires, for a few months.

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Friends and relatives affirm that Mansilla he favored his other two childrenseven and three years old, while Milagros was often left alone in unsanitary conditions.

While being questioned by police after the discovery of the body, the mother told them that she was “scared” and that he did not know what to make of his daughter’s death.

Milagros’s father alerted the authorities

The authorities launched an investigation derived from the father’s complaint of the girl on October 24. Four days later, the little girl’s body was located in her mother’s home.

She used the box with the body as a nightstand in her bedroom. She was a girl who had been born prematurely, had multiple pre-existing conditions and had a tracheostomy and a nasogastric tube,” a police spokesperson said.

[Vanesa] He said that it all happened one afternoon. After bathing her three children, she went to take a nap, and when she woke up, he went to see the girl who had already passed away. She said that she had mucus and drool in her mouth, which she had choked on,” she added.

Relatives of the victim point out that the last time they saw Milagros alive was on July 30 for the birthday of one of her brothers. The other two children of Mansilla they were placed in the temporary care of their maternal grandmother.

The authorities continue to await the results of the autopsy and the analysis of the mattress of the bed where it is reported that there were blood marks. Meanwhile, the mother is currently in police custody while the investigation continues.

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