They deny Paty Navidad to travel to the US for not having vaccines- Uno TV

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Patty Christmas Getty
Paty Navidad could not go to the US because she did not have COVID-19 vaccines. Photo: Getty Images

Since the start of the pandemic, they were several celebrities who said “not” to COVID-19 vaccinebetween them, Patty Christmaswhose account was even closed by Twitter for spreading information they considered false.

Almost three years after saying “not” to the vaccine against COVID-19the actress continues to suffer the “consequences” for not being vaccinated.

In an interview with the media, Patty Christmas said he was about to move to USA for labor matters, although the airline you were going to travel on did not allow you to board the plane because it does not have the vaccine against COVID-19.

Paty Navidad could not go to the US because she did not have COVID-19 vaccines

“Telemundo, to which I am very grateful for the invitation to “La Casa de los Famosos”, did me the favor of buying us tickets to go promote Miami… I arrive at the Aeroméxico counter and it turns out that Mexicans and no nationality, except Mexicans Americans, are the ones who can travel without vaccines or PCR”

The actress assured that not against vaccinesbut from the experiments, since he considers that inoculation against COVID-19 does not have enough scientific studies and that could have health consequences.

“I am not anti-vaccines, I am anti-experiments as I have always said. I am not vaccinated and I am not going to get vaccinated, even less right now knowing that I am not the only one, there are many people who think alike and now it turns out that our rights are being taken away because we are not vaccinated…”

Finally, the also singer considers that the airline violates her rights by not letting her travela situation that could happen to other people who, like her, have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I am sure that the situation will change, but I do not know when people will realize that they are trampling on our rights, because the same rights that those who decide to get vaccinated have are the same rights as those of us who decide not to”

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