They collide in the Chihuahua FC game, look for those responsible

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On the night of November 2, young Efrén attended Chihuahua FC’s semifinal match against Tampico Madero at the UACH’s Olympic University Stadium and parked outside the postgraduate building of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration.

When the game ended, at 10:30 at night, Efrén left the stadium and when he got to his car he realized that he had been hit from the front right. When he was looking for the person responsible, some people came to tell him what had happened.

He claims that some witnesses saw a blue Mitsubishi pick-up truck modified to be higher than normal, crashed his car and fled. The people who saw this tried to stop him to answer for what he did but he did not listen to them and he fled.

Given this fact, the young man shared this fact on social networks along with a photo of his crashed car and asks citizens for help to find the person who crashed his car and fled.

He comments that he has already filed a complaint with the corresponding authorities and that he will contact the soccer club and the UACH to see if they can help him find the person who hit him.

Efrén says that he does not want to find the person who hit him to treat him in a hostile way, that all he wants is for him to answer for his actions and agree with this person’s insurance to be able to repair his car.


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