They catch a couple having sex in a NY diner and cause outrage on social networks | News from Mexico

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NEW YORK – An East Village outdoor dining shed offered a mind-boggling and off-putting sight when a couple couldn’t wait to give a unseemly show to pedestrians.

A video posted on Twitterwhich has racked up over 4 million views, appears to show the horny couple engaging in a sexual act.

Just witnessed a lovely couple (c*giend*) in a cabana for outdoor dining on 1st ave,” Twitter user @layajospe wrote.

She wrote that she saw the couple’s show at 9:30 p.m. on Thursday at First Avenue and First Street. A sign outside the restaurant read: “come see the game”.

The video shows a pair of bystanders looking at the lovers for a second time, but most of the people just walked past.

This is not the first time that one of the city’s dining “shacks,” which has been panned by critics for attract rats and litterit becomes a “love shack”.

The video presented below is not totally explicit, but it contains images that can alter sensitivities.

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