They ask to cancel David Guetta’s concert for humiliating Kunno

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Fans of the controversial and popular tiktoker Mexican kunno They are asking massively for a concert by the renowned French DJ and producer to be canceled David Guetta, after a rudeness he made to Tiktoker at an awards ceremony in Spain.

Kunno’s followers made news in recent days for requesting that they cancel the presentation of DJ David Guetta at the Mexico City. This request occurs after the snub experienced by the interpreter of the Smash-Hit ‘Maybe not’ by the French when receiving the award at the awards 40 Music Awards which are held annually in Spain.

The influencer’s fans cataloged “homophobic” Y “arrogant” to the DJ for his attitude against Kunno, causing them to make a request through social networks to prevent the concert from taking place.

“David Guetta It has to be cancelled, he did not want to greet Kunno with a kiss at the “Premios Los 40″ gala. The French DJ proved to be homophobic, arrogant and rude. Kunno is one of the most loved and respected influencers in Mexico who did not deserve to go through this humiliation. Raise your face Kunno, we are with you, from today no Mexican will listen to the music of that David Guetta, “wrote one of Kunno’s fans.

Despite this request, social networks only make fun of the Mexican’s fans, since they consider it “ridiculous” that their fans ask for the concert to be canceled DJ for the simple fact of refusing to kiss the Tiktoker.

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