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What a tremendous news that my compadre La Sombra, Rubén Rodríguez, uncovered about the return of Mexico to the Copa América. Well, I tell you that it doesn’t stop there. It turns out that Concacaf and Conmebol have been negotiating for months and months to give more play to the three World Cup players who are not going to have a tie towards 2026, and not only in national teams but also in clubs.

They tell me that in the agreements, which are not yet reached, but which are already close, very close, are those of integrating teams from MX League and MLS, not necessarily in Libertadores, which is a monumental wear and tear considering that they already have the binational tournament between the two, but what they are looking for is to invent a super cup or something like that so that the champions and best positioned of both confederations take part a few games in the United States and everyone gets more wool. That is not easy, due to the calendars, but they are advancing.

Both Femexfut and US Soccer and the Federation of Canada have been following the talks with the Concacaf council, which is the one that negotiates with the South Americans, and our region is very pending to give their place to the three countries that will host the World Cup 2026, and more competition so that not all guandos arrive at the 48-team tournament, it is not going to be that they lose against Madagascar or the Fiji Islands, or the one that qualifies now that almost all are invited.


And to close the Copa América, they told me that the broadcast rights to the Conmebol tournament are free and Doña Tele in Mexico is doing everything to manage the signal, especially for streaming, where they finally discovered that there is business. Many years later, true, but he already realized it.

In the Yunaited, Telemundo had the rights, but it turns out that they are not going to renew them automatically as the Spanish-speaking channel thought, so they will have to compete. In Mexico, the ones with envelopes are those of Paramount, as well as Televisa, which is the one that wants to grab everything to take it to the digital signal, because this World Cup in Qatar has already realized that it is business. The fight is going to be tough, and even more so if Mexico confirms that it is going to return to the South American contest, it becomes an incalculable treasure. I’ll tell you how it goes.


Here in Doha, the ones who go all out are my friends, the World Cup referees from Mexico, well, almost. Yesterday Karen Díaz said goodbye to the competition, who not only participated as a reserve assistant, but also participated as a line assistant on the day that a group of women directed a match for the first time, in Germany 4-2 Costa Rica in the Al Bayt. She made history.

Well, with our countrywoman, another 16 central defenders, 28 assistants and six VARs paraded, but the Mexicans continue: the Singer Guerrero continues to knock down cane and it was not enough that he put the most controversial play of the World Cup, that ball that is not yet known if it came out or not in Japan’s goal against Spain, but is now in his ninth game as an assistant from the hovel in Qatar. Congratulations.

Also my Cesarín Ramos, who is more than aimed at not only directing a Quarterfinal or Semifinal, but in one of those, with six World Cup matches already on his back, he has to play in the Grand Final at Lusail. Come on, my culichi, hit Tokyo.


Already on the other side of the world, I tell you that in America They are still waiting for the negotiation with Memo Ochoa as I told you before the world; They decided to wait for Qatar to finish so as not to distract the goalkeeper and it’s about time, but there’s nothing yet.

I’ll tell you about another one who also thought he could renew, but they are no longer going to negotiate the extension at El Nido: my Roger Martínez. The Colombian’s contract comes to an end in mid-2023 and my feathered ear tells me that there is no intention of signing him again.

Roger’s story in the Eagles has not been as sweet as they came to imagine and on some occasion he was separated or, among other things, he was one of those who did not want to lower his salary due to the pandemic situation. Of course, in Coapa they do not want to let him go free and, of course, they are open to an interesting option, although they know that the value of his letter is far from what they acquired it. Today if they are given four of the green melons they will consider themselves well served. MLS is always an option. Let’s see.


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