They accuse the maquila of a debt of 3 million pesos with suppliers

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Suppliers of the Power Sonic maquiladora company accused debts of up to 3 million pesos and accounts pending payment for eight months.

According to those affected, the company refuses to pay them due to lack of liquidity, so they went to the company yesterday in search of reaching an agreement.

Isaac Hernández, from GMEX, a company dedicated to the rental of forklifts, said that they have been owed 800,000 pesos for eight months.

He said that it was more than the figure that they owed them, although they gave them a ‘payment’.

He explained that usually the credit is for 30 days, but for unknown reasons the debt was extended up to eight months.

He added that due to the lack of payment he went to the company to reach an agreement, although they refused to assist him.

He indicated that those in charge of paying them are two people whom he identified as Francisco Cisneros and Claudia García, who stopped answering the calls.

“They don’t give us access or anything, they refuse to talk to us. They gave us their number, but they don’t answer it either, nor do they give us entry in the access, “said the man while waiting in his vehicle outside the company located in the Intermex Industrial Park.

Francisco Marmolejo, another of those affected who went to the company yesterday in search of a solution, said that in his case they have been owed 3 million pesos since November for the purchase of plastics and wooden pallets.

He said that after meeting with company personnel, they told him that he has no money, so they will return part of what they bought him.

“We are going to see what they can return to us to take them into account,” he said.

El Diario sought Power Sonic’s version of the accusations made by the providers, however there was no response.

Sergio Colin, president of Index, was also sought to find out about the situation in which the company finds itself, but he replied that said company is not a member of that association, so there is no contact with it.

According to its website, Power Sonic is dedicated to the manufacture of cable harnesses, electromechanical assemblies, molded assemblies and M8/M12 cable sets, wiring solutions and mounting control panels, as well as fiber optics.

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