These nine NFL players truly deserve the highest rating entering the 2022 season

The wide receiver position is fertile ground for debate these days. Cooper Kup just authored a legit entry for GREATEST WR SEASON EVER. The 2021 Offensive Player of the Year led the league in catches (145), yards (1,947) and touchdowns (16) during the regular season, then piled up 33 grabs for 478 yards and six touchdowns in the playoffs, ultimately earning Super Bowl MVP honors. Meanwhile, Ja’Marr Chase just set a rookie record with 1,455 yards, as his former LSU teammate, Justin Jeffersonnabbed the record for most receiving yards in a player’s first two seasons with 3,016.

Yet still, to me, one wideout still stands out above the rest. And even Jefferson, at least for the time being, agrees.

“I’ll say, after this year, I’ll be the best receiver in the NFL,” Jefferson told Complex’s Kameron Hay. “I definitely have to give it to Davante Adams as of now, him being so crazy and dynamic on the field. His route running is crazy, so I definitely have to give it to him right now, but I’m pretty sure after this year, it’s going to be me.”

I appreciate Jefferson’s spirit — that self-confidence is definitely deserved. But yeah, at the moment, Davante’s the standard-bearer at the position. Adams checks every single box for domination: size, game speed, route running, toughness, hands like fly paper. He’s excellent in the red zone and clutch on third down. Over the past four years, Adams leads the league in receptions (432), receiving yards (5,310) and receiving touchdowns (47). The 29-year-old is special, as Raider Nation is about to find out.

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