These influencers lost their accounts on the networks for asking for free things

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  • the industry of influencers It has a value of 13 thousand 800 million dollars.

  • A study revealed that Mexico is the third country in Latin America with the highest number of content creators.

  • Instagram is the star social network of influencer marketing all over the world.

Social networks have become the best tool for many people in the world, especially for those who call themselves “iinfluencers” or content creators. In recent years, these terms have become popular globally, so it is normal to find figures of this style on these digital platforms sharing their opinion of some topics or lifestyles, but also many times these figures are often frowned upon for taking advantage of their “fame” to enjoy the work of other people for free, all for the “promotion” that they will give them in their accounts on the networks .

Today’s consumers are very aware of everything that is promoted on social networks, which is why various brands have taken advantage of the trend of influencer marketing to improve your sales.

In terms of industry, it is one of those that is currently being established, which is why it registers a global market value that has doubled since 2019, standing at around 13.8 billion US dollars as of 2021, according to a report by Influencer Marketing Hub.

For its part, another study by Insider Intelligence details that Instagram is the leading social network for influencer marketing, where brands will invest two thousand 230 million dollars in el influencer marketing on Instagram, while only $774.8 million on TikTok.

These are the influencers who lost their accounts on the networks

The impact of this digital world has made many people, especially young people, betting on becoming influencers by creating content, but it is not enough to have thousands of followers on social networks to be a content creator, There are various aspects to consider before a brand decides to put its communication and advertising strategy in the hands of a person.

Being an influencer is a profession, there are people who dedicate themselves exclusively and live from it, but as in all professions, there are good ones and bad ones. As usually happens in any area, there is never a lack of those who want to take advantage of others, shielded by their supposed fame gained by the thousands of followers who they have on the platforms, by those who try to get free things from the brands, in exchange for a “promotion”.

Given this, in the world there have already been various cases of “influencers” who have been classified as “free riders”, all for demanding that they give them free things, only paying with the currency of their promotion on networks, which is why they have been criticized, even often exhibited by the businesses themselves, losing their accounts with their followers on social networks.

Borja Escalona

One of the cases of content creators that has gone viral around the world is that of the Spanish youtuber, Borja Escalona, ​​who this Wednesday, August 16, announced that the YouTube video social network closed his account, which registered 30,000 subscribers.

All this happened after the controversial youtuber recorded a live video while entering and consuming in a bar in Vigo, Spain; When he finished, he threatened the business to charge him for that advertising after they will charge him for the account he consumed.

“After an assessment, we have removed the channel for violating YouTube’s terms of service. It is against our terms of service to post content or use another channel to circumvent the suspension, so a channel is unsubscribed. YouTube has clear community guidelines that apply to everyone,” says YouTube’s statement.

Manuela Gutierrez

The Colombian influencer was exposed by the Mexican chef Edgar Núñez, after she asked him to eat for free at his restaurant in exchange for publicity on social networks.

“And in my favorite section; ‘international scroungers’ I leave Manuela #BuenasTardesATodos (with a quarter of my followers) ”, indicated the chef’s publication, which was accompanied by a screenshot of the message he received from her.

Elle Darby

British youtuber Elle Darby was also exposed after she wanted to stay at the White Moose Café hotel, paying the owner with “exposure”. It was learned that in an email, the young woman indicated that she planned to stay at said hotel on Valentine’s weekend, from February 8 to 12, in exchange for it, she would give them exposure on her networks.

The owner of the establishment, Paul Stenson, evidently refused and displayed it on his social networks “it takes balls to send an email like that and asking who is going to pay the staff that takes care of you? Who is going to pay the maids who clean your room? The ones who serve you breakfast? (…) My best wishes. P.S. The answer is no,” he stated.

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