These incredible headphones from JBL are half price, they are 50 dollars

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The popular JBL wireless headphones down to just $50 for Black Friday. (Photo: Getty)

Apple AirPods are one of the most popular wireless headphones, but they are also expensive, with some going as high as $249! The good news is that the Amazon’s first Black Friday deals they include many equally good alternatives. One of those options is JBL Tune 225TWS which are currently only $50, down from $100. These high-quality in-ear headphones are perfect for a Christmas gift to someone special, or even for yourself!

these little earphones they cost less than AirPods and their battery lasts longer

True Wireless Earbud JBL Tune 225TWS headphones for $50.  (Photo: Getty)

True Wireless Earbud JBL Tune 225TWS headphones for $50. (Photo: Getty)

$50 $100 at Amazon

Out of the case, the JBL Tune 225TWS headphones last about five hours. If you use the charging case, they can last about 20 hours longer. A total autonomy of 25 hours! Despite their price, which is now very low, they offer a wide range of bass and a balanced sound. Also, you can use just one to make calls or listen to music. Without a doubt, it is a useful function when you need to take a phone call but you must also pay attention to the noises in the environment. Another bonus is that instead of Apple’s standard white, they are available in other more cheerful colors: red, gold and pink!

The popular JBL wireless headphones reduced to only 50 dollars for Black Friday

JBL headphones have a range of up to 25 hours, thanks to their portable charging case. (Photo: Amazon)

“I love these headphones”, commented a buyer who rated the product with five stars. “I have tried at least 20 brands and different styles and I liked these for the following reasons:

1) They are very comfortable. It doesn’t seem like a compelling reason for hearing aids, but if you have to wear them all day, it’s important.

2) They sound great for their price: they have decent bass, good cancellation, and loud enough volume.

3) They connect fine and don’t lose connection.

4) Its battery lasts a long time.

5) They have a very good finish”.

This other buyer He was also quite impressed: “The sound quality is really good. I have had many Bluetooth headphones in the past and the audio has always fallen short. These have good fidelity, and if you adjust the EQ right, they’re barely different from wired headphones.”

“I could have spent the almost $200 some wireless AirPods are worth, but I wouldn’t have a compelling reason.” commented another buyer. “JBLs are a good option to save. Its design is very similar to those of Apple. I use them for mountain biking, running, house cleaning, and gatherings and haven’t had any problems. Overall, they’re a great product, especially for people who, like me, were tied to Apple products because of their fit.”

$50 $50 at Amazon

If you have Amazon Prime, you will receive free shipping. Still are you not a member? Don’t worry. You can sign up here for a 30-day free trial. By the way, those who don’t have Prime they can get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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