These are the psychological benefits of cooking

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The kitchen is a place where we spent a lot of time throughout the day, at least enough to be able to prepare those dishes that we have to consume in our day to day.

That’s why it needs to be a place where we feel comfortable, something that does not happen to everyone. And it is that, if you are one of those who does not like to cook, probably entering between those 4 walls will become a real torture for you.

But don’t worry, today we are going to explain the 5 benefits for your mental health that has the fact of cooking. You will see how, from now on, you begin to see this room in your house in a different way.

Cooking has these 5 psychological benefits

Getting into the kitchen to prepare lunch or dinner can be a tedious task for many people and a real pleasure for others. Create elaborate dishes like a souffle or other simpler recipes like a Yogurt cake, can you help us awaken creativity and good humor.

But, beyond the fact that we may like cooking more or less, the truth is that this action has certain positive psychological consequences and we will see them in detail below.

1. Encourage social relationships

cooking together from other people can help us strengthen our social relationships in a considerable way. The coordination, teamwork or communication These are just some of the skills we need to get around the kitchen and, therefore, the ones we can work on if we find ourselves immersed there.

Therefore, it is a very good idea that you put into practice the cooking as a couple or with the help of your friends. You will see how much more you enjoy the process, in addition to strengthening ties with these people.

2. It helps us eat more mindfully

resort to the Precooked foods It is not only bad for our health because it provides us with many more preservatives, but also because we are not aware of what we put in our body.

Therefore, the fact of cooking our own recipes can help us precisely to be more aware of our diet: of the caloric content of the dishes, the nutrients they include, etc. This conscious eating will help us eat in a much more balanced way to avoid possible health problems tomorrow.

3. It is a form of self-care

Yes, even if you have never stopped to think about it, investing time in preparing our food is a way of taking care of ourselves. Not only because we resort to products that help us have a more balanced diet, but also because allows us:

  • Better control the portions we consume. As we have seen above, many times we consume more food than we need and this can be reflected both in health and in the scale.
  • Improve mental disorders such as anxiety. Cooking relaxes and allows us to release the tensions that we often accumulate due to the stress that surrounds us.
  • Eat in a much healthier way. Knowing the products that we include in a recipe will make us more aware of whether we are taking the nutrients that our body needs to function properly or not.
  • Save on the purchase we make at the supermarket. Finally, when we buy the products to prepare a recipe, we are also having considerable savings in our shopping cart.

As you can see, the areas that we can cover if we cook ourselves are many and very relevant to our personal care.

4. It helps us increase self-esteem and confidence

Cooking a dish and being told by others that it is good is, without a doubt, reason for pride for all those who throw themselves into the kitchen. Something that can also help us achieve improve our self-esteem and also the confidence in ourselves.

The more you cook, the more confidence you will have in yourself and in the dishes you prepare, something that will end up being reflected in your personality and in other areas of your life.

5. It is a mindfulness practice

Finally, it is also important to highlight the fact that the action of cooking is a mindfulness practice. In other words, it helps us to be more concentrated and more aware of everything around us, paying special attention to small details and putting aside any concerns that we can have in mind.

This also happens with other activities such as meditation, which also help us improve brain function by experiencing growth in certain areas of it. But not only that, it also allows us to have a greater ability to concentrate when performing different types of tasks.

As you can see, there are many compelling reasons for you to get into the kitchen to prepare your weekly menu, you just have to look for healthy and simple recipes that can motivate you. We hope that with this article you have better understood the psychological benefits of cooking and encourage you to try.