These are the perfect natural juices to complement your fast

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It is important to start the day with a healthy diet.

Experts recommend eat the whole fruitbut a juice preparation can also provide nutrients to start the day off right. Another recommendation is to avoid the process of straining the result of the juice after passing the fruit through the blender, because in this step, it is possible that the fiber is lost.

Ideally, take these juices before breakfast, as they help to hydrate and provide the body with the necessary energy thanks to its fructose content.

The experts in the Mejor con salud portal also indicate that these drinks can be taken with breakfast or in the middle of the morning. No matter the time, what the experts suggest is that consumption should not be abused.

Another important fact about these drinks is that they are homemade preparations that, in addition to being 100% natural, combine nutritious and recommended ingredients to keep fit, such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and cereals.

Pineapple, carrot and celery juice

This shake is a source of energy and is detoxifying, this combination is also refreshing and ideal for cleansing the body. “The negative calories of pineapple, along with all the cleansing potential of carrots and celery fiber, go directly to lowering cholesterol and discarding what is of no use to the body,” this is how they describe the benefits of this pineapple on the Foodandtravel portal. beverage.

Lemon, celery and ginger

Lemon is a very powerful fruit to eliminate toxins, as it helps to digest and dissolve fats; Another of the benefits of this fruit is its high vitamin C content, which makes it an excellent antioxidant. For its part, celery helps eliminate excess fluid from the body and promotes kidney function thanks to minerals. Ginger improves digestive function and increases metabolism.

watermelon and mint

One of the most refreshing and diuretic fruit juices, it is also a good recommendation for those who suffer from fluid retention.

Watermelon stands out for being a fruit rich in water and fiber, very suitable to be included in diets when looking to lose weight. In the Mejor con salud portal, they advise taking the juice of this fruit always separated from meals to digest it correctly.

Mint gives it an even more refreshing touch and has important digestive properties. Ideally, add two fresh mint leaves for every glass of juice.

Green juice

This juice is prepared with some lettuce leaves, a little grated ginger, a little spinach, a sprig of parsley, a stalk of celery, half an apple and the juice of half a lemon, all mixed in a blender.

The best thing about this juice is that it can be taken several times a day, so you avoid suffering a drop in energy during the afternoon.

pear, grape and orange

One of the benefits of the pear is its high silicon content, which is “an essential mineral both for the beauty of the skin, hair and nails, as well as for bone and joint health”, as explained on the portal Foodandtravel.

The pear also contributes its sweet flavor, which is a good combination with the acid nuances of the grape. When red, the skin of the grape is rich in flavonoids and contains resveratrol, which is a nutrient known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. For its part, the orange is highly recommended to take it in the morning, since it is ideal to activate the body and improves the mood.

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