these are the 9 benefits it brings to health and how to take advantage of it on your way to lose weight

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we love the oatmeal because, besides being a superfoodIt is a very versatile cereal. You may only know the classic recipe for oatmeal cooked with milk, which by itself is very rich, but many people may find it boring. Let me tell you that it does not have to be that way, once you discover all the ways in which you can include it in your daily diet it will become an ingredient that due to its benefits you will never want to take out of your life ever again.

Oats are a very versatile food and healthyis ideal to use as a base ingredient or as a complement to any type of recipe, from the most basic to those we use for stop consuming flour or other refined products, as in oatmeal pancakes or are you delicious Oatmeal Cookies.

Oatmeal: one of the healthiest foods we can consume

The Food and Drug Administration US (FDA) says that oats are one of the healthiest foods we can find, a source of energy and vitality that we should include daily in our diet in various ways. Oats are a super nutritious cereal with endless properties for our health. So, as simple and straightforward as it seems, include oats in our daily consumption can provide us with:

  • proteins high quality. In addition, it is the cereal that contains more high-value protein, because it contains at least 8 essential amino acids, which helps the production and development of new tissue in the body.

  • It is a wide power source.

  • Its high content in Omega-3 fatty acids Y linoleic They help reduce bad cholesterol, so helps strengthen the heart.

  • Improves intestinal transit, prevents constipation and promotes good digestion.

  • It contains substances of plant origin known as phytochemicals that help prevent the risk of cancer. It can reduce at least 10% risk of breast or colon cancer.

  • Helps prevent thyroid problemssince it contains iodine.

  • Due to its high content of calciumhelps to have strong bones and prevents bone demineralization.

  • It has a good amount of vitamin B, so it helps keep the central nervous system in good condition.

  • Due to its soluble fiber content, it benefits people with diabetes, since it helps starches to be digested more easily, which stabilizes sugar levels, especially after eating.

It will become your ally to lose weight

Oats Health Benefits Lose Weight 5

In addition to nourishing and satisfying the appetite, this famous whole grain, also known as “the queen of cereals”is highly chosen because it has the ability to support weight loss. For all the reasons that we listed above is that it has many benefits to our health.

This cereal has many charms, as well as being a great ally for health and weight loss. It is very healthy, it is a ** benefit bomb **, since in a single cup of oatmeal we can find 26 grams of protein, in addition to being very good for absorbing “bad” cholesterol.

Secondly, this investigation explains that consuming oatmeal before exercising can help you burn more fat. Besides, it is satiating and cleansing because it is rich in fiber, will keep you feeling full longer while relieving anxiety about eating and snacking between meal times.

This is why regular consumption of oats could help lose weight always when included within a proper diet and a good exercise routine. Because yes, she by herself is not going to eliminate all the extra kilos nor is she going to work miracles.

Oats Health Benefits Lose Weight 4

Here are some of the many ways you can include oats in your daily diet To take advantage of its benefits and lose weight:

  • Oat water. It’s fresh, delicious, and the easiest way to take it for weight loss.

  • cooked oats with milk or water, in the classic porridge.

  • Overnight Oats or raw oats for a quick, take-anywhere breakfast

  • In smoothies with fruits and lots of protein

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