These are the 3 necessary vaccines to avoid serious cases of pneumonia

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The pulmonologist under the Institute for Security and Social Services of State Workers (ISSSTE), Uriel Rumbo Nava, emphasized that the three most important vaccines to apply to the vulnerable with the intention of preventing severe pneumonia are influenza. seasonal, every year, that of pneumococcus, every five years from the age of 60, and that of Covid-19, whenever a reinforcement is prudent.

He indicated that the population with the highest risk of presenting this disease in a serious form are the elderly, girls and boys under six years of age, with chronic diseases, mainly diabetes and with conditions that affect the response of the immune system such as HIV and AIDS, cancer and kidney disease, as well as those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

Rumbo Nava recommended that the community be attentive to alarm data that could be an indication, such as chronic cough that persists from seven to 10 days and is not controlled with symptomatic treatment, in addition to bloody phlegm, low oxygenation (below 90 percent ) and fever over 38.5 degrees. He asserted that in the case of presenting these signs they should go immediately to the emergency services.

He explained that there are a wide variety of factors that contribute to increasing the risk of complication of this disease, such as advanced age (60 years or more), presenting active or passive smoking, prolonged exposure to inhalation of wood smoke, polluting work environment in mines or in construction, contagion by contact with sick people and having chronic diseases that are out of control.

He also suggested taking preventive measures that are within reach, such as quitting smoking; use industrial-type masks if working in activities that risk respiratory and lung health; try to lead a healthier life with a balanced diet; the constant practice of aerobic exercise; apply the corresponding biologicals and maintain the use of face masks in closed places.

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