there are already those who use it to develop games

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It’s already been a week since the Apple event where we saw it, but the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro It’s still on everyone’s lips for being one of the best ideas we’ve seen from Apple designers in a long time. And it seems that what we have seen is only the beginning.

A hole in the screen can also be used to play

Developer Kriss Smolka (you’ll know him if I tell you he’s the creator of Waterminder) posted on Twitter an example of how that Dynamic Island can be leveraged to go beyond a smart interface and build games around it:

What Kriss has done is develop a kind of ‘Pong’ in which you pass a ball with that Dynamic Island, which in turn reacts every time it touches that ball. Yes, it’s simple, but he shows that you can create a whole game around what is initially an obstacle on the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro.

This also gives another data: Apple allows developers to do that with its API.. It’s not going to be one of those parts of the system that’s heavily guarded, and that may spark more creativity exercises like this. Dynamic Island may be a temporary thing lasting only a few years (like the notchwithout going any further), but it can leave behind very interesting traces.