The worker with mental health problems

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Authors: Mingote Adán, José Carlos, Pino Cuadrado, Pablo del, Sánchez Alaejos, Raquel, Gálvez Herrer, Macarena, & Gutiérrez García, Mª Dolores. (2011). The worker with mental health problems: General guidelines for detection, intervention and prevention. Occupational Medicine and Safety, 57(Suppl. 1), 188-205.

Numerous studies have shown the relationship between psychosocial conditions at work and the employee mental health, and especially how the combination of low perceived control and high job demands predict certain mental health problems. Mental disorders such as anxiety and depression have a very negative effect on quality of life and functional capacity at work. In addition, the mental health of the worker can affect the perception of the characteristics of the job. As a consequence, it is essential to design healthy jobs, stress reduction programs for employees and for the return to work of employees with mental disorders.

The objective of this article is to review the main lines of prevention, detection and intervention in organizations, which can promote healthy policies for the care and integration of workers with mental disorders.


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