The UdeG admits more than half of its applicants; Medicine continues as the most demanded career

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Photography: UdeG

Guadalajara Jalisco.

The The University of Guadalajara released the list of students who were admitted to the 2023 A calendar to continue their academic training at a higher level in the house of studies. Of the 35,728 applicants, 47.26 percent were admitted, that is, 16,886 young people, and more than half are women.

The general coordinator of school control of the UdeG, Laura Puebla, pointed out that since 2015 the admission trend at the undergraduate level is from 40 to 47 percent, in addition to the fact that most of the applicants studied the baccalaureate in one of the high schools of the university network.

“In general, 65 percent come from our official high schools, and so on, we can observe how from the interior of the Mexican Republic we have a small percentage that come to the university, but the vast majority are graduates of our institution, it is even worth mentioning that some applicants did not write down their school of origin but there were 15 cases”.

The careers with the highest demand are:

  • Midwife surgeon with almost 5 thousand applicants.
  • Nursing with 2 thousand 99.
  • Licensed at psychology with 2 thousand 92.
  • Lawyer with 2 thousand 16 applicants.

The university centers with the highest number of young people admitted are:

Laura Puebla reported that at the moment there is space for other careers such as: biology, telematics engineering, to name a few; Therefore, those interested can analyze the academic offer available at the moment in the page and follow the steps that are required to occupy the available space.

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