The three tricks to save on Shein that very few know

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Shein has become, on its own merits, an excellent alternative to the almighty amazon to buy clothing, a section in which the e-commerce giant has been betting very heavily in recent months to compete with both AliExpress and Shein. Unlike AliExpress, where shipments take as long as 2 days to 3 months, at Shein, the average shipping time for most products is one or two weekseven before.

The reduced shipping time has not only made Shein an excellent option to buy online, but also, little by little, it has also become an alternative to Zara. In fact, there are many people who call Shein as the china zara. In addition to being one of the best when buying online, if we want to save even more money, we can use the tricks that we show you below.

Save items in the basket

Shein, like any other platform, allows us to have a wish list, a list where we can put all the products that we may be interested in buying at some point. It is an excellent method so that we do not forget the products that we like the most to check, periodically, if they drop in price.

However, it is not the best way to check if they drop in price, since it is more than likely that they will not. If we have seen one or several products that we like on this platform, to obtain the best price, what we must do is keep them in the basket for several days. Days after having stored them in the cart, we will receive a message with different discounts, discounts focused on giving us the push we need to buy it and save a few euros.

Wednesday: sale day

The best day to shop at Shein is Wednesday. Every Wednesday Shein launches a large number of offers, offers of all kinds with which we can save more than half of the original price of the product. As these are offers that are only available on Wednesdays, it will not help us to use the trick of storing it in the basket and waiting several days until the platform gives us a discount.

If we’ve been thinking about different items in Shein for several weeks, try looking for them again on Wednesdays, since, surely, you’ll find a more than interesting offer on the product you’re looking for or similar.

Sundays: free shipping

Depending on the money we spend on Shein and after applying the large number of coupons it offers, we can receive orders completely free of charge without having to pay additional money for shipping costs. However, if our purchase is not for a large amount, we can take advantage of the free shipping that Shein offers, a free shipping that only is available during sunday.

if we want save shopping at Shein, we must carry out the searches on Wednesdays to take advantage of the offers of this day and, if we do not find any that interest you, save the products in the basket and wait until Sunday to receive the discount and take advantage of the free shipping. It is also possible that Shein only offers us either free shipping or a discount if we want to make the purchase on a Sunday and not both together.

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