The surprising reasons why Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle did not travel to Balmoral Castle

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The United Kingdom is experiencing its saddest and most devastating moments due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, who lost his life on September 8 at the age of 96. The sovereign died at Balmoral Castle, her favorite residence during the summer, and surrounded by her children and grandchildren, who moved to the place shortly after the Royal House announced that the monarch’s doctors had shown up ” concerned” about his state of health and had recommended that he remain under medical supervision.

The first to arrive at the Castle were Charles of England and Camilla Parker, as well as Princess Anne. Hours later, Prince William, Prince Edward and Sofia, and Prince Andrew made their entrance into Balmoral, arriving together in Scotland in a flight from London. Only Harry was missing to arrive, although he, unfortunately, did so when the Royal Family had already communicated the death of the Queen.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle became, therefore, the great absentees of the day. As expected, his absence has drawn attention locals and strangers, with many who have wondered the possible reasons why the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex have not wanted to accompany their husbands in one of their most complicated moments, as well as where they were and what they were doing exactly while the rest of the British Royal Family was meeting to bid farewell to the sovereign.

Prince William driving to BalmoralGTRES

As the British media have reported, both Prince William’s wife and Prince Harry’s wife opted for stay in london, the place of residence of Middleton and the city in which Meghan was on the occasion of her tour of Europe. Thanks to a statement issued by Kensington Palace, we learned that Kate decided to stay in charge of George, Charlotte and Louis, since, at the time they received the first news about the Queen’s health, they were at Lambrook School facing their first day of class. In this way, it is known that the new Duchess of Cornwall stayed at Adelaide Cottage, a home located in Windsor that she has just turned into her new official residence, patiently waiting for her children to leave the new school of she.

As for Meghan, despite the fact that at first the rumors suggested that the Duchess of Sussex would accompany Prince Harry on his trip, the truth is that there was no sign of her. After that, sources close to the couple raised the possibility that Meghan moved to Scotland hours later in order to accompany her husband, but this has not happened, as we have been able to learn first thing in the morning , Harry has already left Balmoral. The reasons for his absence? According to BBC correspondent Nocholas Witchell, his fear of being rejected by some members of the British Royal Family: “It may not be very well received, to be perfectly honest about it,” the correspondent assured.