“The soul of the party”; Woman gets a tattoo of a QR code from a Spotify playlist

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  • In Mexico, one in 10 people has at least one tattoo.

  • The average monthly salary for a tattoo artist in Mexico is 34,831 pesos.

  • For the third quarter of the year, Spotify added 456 million active users worldwide.

Social networks (TikTok) are now talking about the case of a woman who has tattooed her own Spotify playlist on her arm, a fact that reflects that she is “the life of the party”, as some Internet users have baptized her.

Mexico is a country in which the tattoo culture has grown over the years, at least, that’s what the official data says. According to information from National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred), one in 10 people in the country has at least one tattoo; that is, some 12 million Mexicans are tattooed. That places the country as number one in Latin America for this practice and its inherent expense.

Now, according to what the platform details indeed, The national average monthly salary for a tattoo artist is 34,831 pesos, while the lowest average salary is 8,000 pesos and the highest rank is 45,000 pesos per month..

From this perspective, we are talking about a work alternative that has begun to attract the attention of a considerable number of people, although it is also a trend that has been positioning itself in the habits of young people, mainly.

To mention an example, a few weeks ago a mobile application called “Tattoox” was released, a platform that seeks to match the tattoo artist with the client that best suits their needs.

Initially, “Tattoox” opened in cities like Barcelona and Madrid, in Spain, but its expansion into Latin America already exists and, for now, the app is available in Mexico and Colombia, according to what has been revealed. in various mediawith more than 1,700 tattoo artists and tattoo studios on the platform.

“The soul of the party”; woman tattoos QR code of playlist from Spotify

As is well known, this December season is a time when music plays an important role and, in fact, there are endless songs about Christmas and New Year that, over the years, have been placed on the consumer taste.

Gone are the old CD’s and the smartphone is, ultimately, the one who governs the celebrationsespecially for those who like to listen to create song lists so that the music does not stop.

In this way, the case of a young woman is drawing attention on TikTok after, through a video published on said social network, she will show a peculiar tattoo: the QR code of her playlist from Spotify.

“The real ‘I’m going to tattoo this song’”; “Be happy or fit in society haha”; “I don’t know whether to feel envy or admiration”; “I want to be like you”; “I want to tattoo a Bad Bunny song, but I don’t know which one”; are some of the reactions deposited in the comments.


already brings the tattooed party??

? original sound – Alexis Trujillo

Undoubtedly, music is one of the habits that was modified as a result of the digitization boom, placing Spotify as the leading platform in the market.

Company information discloses that, for the third quarter of the yearreached the number of 456 million active users worldwide, in addition to the fact that streaming, today, is the main way of consumption for music lovers.

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