The secret of celebrities like Shakira and JLo to show off tanned and toned legs

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Shakira and Jennifer Lopez during the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida. (Photo: Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

Have you ever wondered how Shakira, JLo, or Karol G always have toned legstanned and without a trace of cellulite during concerts?

Although we know that they are dedicated to exercise routines, dance and reducing massages, they also use clothing that helps them look better, such as “invisible girdles”, which keep the muscles in place and prevent any glimpse of them from being seen. of flaccidity.

That is precisely what the brand’s pants do spanx which are used under very tight dresses and are perfect because they hide the marks of the underwear and it makes them look more comfortable walking.

From $38, you can find a spanx pants. Its price varies according to the size. You can also choose according to the color that best suits the color of your skin or the dress you will wear. For example, ivory white, black, brown, or light brown.

Your silhouette is transformed when you wear an asón pants;  under a dress  (Photo: Getty)

Your silhouette is transformed by wearing pants like this, under a dress. (Photo: Getty)

Stockings that do ‘magic’

Another of the ‘secret’ products most used by stars in the entertainment industry are evening stockings that also have girdle functions. In other words, your skin will look perfect and they will make everything “in its place”.

Recently, we have seen how celebrities use this type of tights that also offer a type of shine and dramatic texture, here we show you some examples.

Evening stockings.  (Photo: Amazon)

Evening stockings. (Photo: Amazon)

This kind of evening stockings they are so popular because they are the same ones used by ballet dancers; They offer complete flexibility and have a strong material that will not be damaged as easily as other brands.

These tights have a plush elastic waistband that keeps your tummy tight, while the texture of the fabric will add extra sparkle to your legs.

Regarding the washing process, they recommend doing it manually and letting it dry in the open air, that is, not using a washing machine or dryer. In this way, its quality will be guaranteed for more years.

For the most daring

This brand also has options that work very well for more daring looks, like these tights with black tightsColour totally white and else.

Plush elastic waistband keeps the tight securely in place. This footed tight is perfect for creating a sleek profile for dancewear.

The shiny fabric will add extra sparkle to your legs.

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