The Resident Evil 4 remake will say goodbye to one of the main features of the original game, but it will not be its only big change

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Another of the most important games that will be launched in this first quarter of 2023 is that of Resident Evil 4 remake, the new version of one of the best installments of the entire Capcom saga. Its greatest novelty will be its renewed graphic section, but the occasion will also be used to implement gameplay changes.

The gameinformer magazine has been in charge of provide the new details by dedicating its last issue to this promising remake, which has been assured that it will be a much more faithful adaptation of the original title compared to the remakes of resident evil 2 Y resident evil 3in addition to keeping some sequences that run exactly the same.

In its gameplay it has been indicated that there will be new enemies that will have to be faced along with the ability to power carry more than one knife on you, since these will have durability and they will risk breaking if used too much, although new weapons can also be acquired, such as a crossbow called the Bolt Thrower.

Among other important changes that will be implemented will be the disappearance of the quick time events, so we will no longer have to pay attention to the screen to press certain buttons at the right time and we will have to see how this situation affects the original sequences. In addition to all this, it has been indicated that there will be secondary missions to carry out.

In turn, it has been indicated that the mission to rescue Ashley will introduce some changessuch as being able to stab the Ganados in the neck if they kidnap her, as well as she will no longer have a health bar and can be revived if she takes too much damage, although she will die if this happens too many times in a row.

From all this it is clear that if the Resident Evil 4 remake It was already quite spectacular, with all these changes it makes you want to enjoy this new version even more. Its launch will take place on March 24th on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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