The repudiated reaction of the Brazilian press officer with a cat at his Qatar 2022 conference

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At a flat conference in Brazil, a cat appeared and the press officer threw it to the ground (Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP) (Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP via Getty Images)

The brazilian national team It is the combination that has caused the most sensation during Qatar 2022, It is the favorite team to win the world championship due to its well-nourished squad. The team is packed with elite soccer superstars and has shown that it can get through any scenario without much hassle.

She has the support of many soccer fans in general, just as she has to deal with many detractors. Furthermore, they are well aware that they are under some pressure as one of the teams that They have a greater number of reflectors on them and that a slight error could put them in the eye of the hurricane, as happened today.

The cat was present during the conference (Photo by: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP) (Photo by: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP via Getty Images)

The cat was present during the conference (Photo by: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP) (Photo by: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP via Getty Images)

Vinicius Jr. He was chosen to speak in front of the microphones at a press conference, prior to the duel of the Rio team against Croatia as part of the World Cup quarterfinals. While the soccer player took his seat, a cat walked over the table the player was at. As a next act, the press officer of the Verdeamarela team took the cat from his skin and threw it under the deskraising various inconveniences among those present who reacted and that he himself told them that he had only lowered it from there.

Social networks did not wait and condemned the actions of the Brazilian press officer. Many stressed that he should be punished for animal abuse and others said that he should be removed from his post. However, others took it as part of an omen.

In South America, the presence of cats is taken as something that attracts good luck depending on how it is treated. In other parts, as in many more around the world, cats are characteristic of bad luck, especially if their fur is black.

Even Vinicius was stunned after the reaction of his fellow delegation. So far, no body has ruled on what happened or if there will be a fine.


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