The reasons why helping others brings happiness

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“It is true that each person is different, but we can say that most people feel special satisfaction when they help others and this is usually translated into the idea that helping others helps me,” he explains. Ines ValderrábanoHealth psychologist specialized in Trauma and EMDR of the Claritas Institute who assures that this idea, save for the exceptions that always exist, can be explained by different reasons:
  1. It generates in us a sense of worth and self-actualization: We have been useful to the other, they have needed us and we have been able to solve their need. This generates satisfaction in each person that penetrates the esteem in which we hold ourselves. The idea that we are capable of helping and that we are worth it is reinforced.
  2. The response of gratitude from the other. It doesn’t have to be a verbal “thank you.” It can be a gesture or a look. But everyone likes to be thanked for their work, because it means that the effort and dedication we have put into it has been taken into account. We could say that it is another drop that fills our glass of value.
  3. On many occasions, there is also a way out of our comfort zone. We face situations that perhaps in another situation we would not have dared, and this, without a doubt, helps us grow. We expanded our repertoire of skills to take on the world.
  4. We cannot forget that, at the base, we are a social animal (title of Eliot Aronson’s book on Social Psychology). No matter how many years of evolution pass, we do not cease to be and part of society is based on the idea of help each others.

In summary, when we help others we help ourselves, we develop new skills, our sense of worth increases, it reinforces the idea that we need each other and this usually translates into an increase in our self-esteem.

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