the reason why Morgan Freeman wore a glove on his hand during the inauguration

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Why Morgan Freeman used a glove during the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup – Credits: @Natacha Pisarenko

During the opening ceremony of World Cup 2022 in Qatarmany viewers were surprised by the presence of Morgan Freeman. His appearance was accompanied by a speech in which he highlighted the power of soccer as a reason for union on the planet. In this context, the renowned actor he was shown with a glove on his left hand. From this, many wondered on social networks what it was due to.

The event that kicked off the world Cup It certainly generated a lot to talk about. In addition to the presentations of Jung KookKorean singer btsand the local artist fahad al kubaisithe ceremony also had a lot of nostalgia and the memory of past World Cups.

Although there were not too many live figures at the show, there was the actor of invictus and it did not go unnoticed at all. At the time of getting on stage to give his speech, the public present in the stadium Al Bayt and the millions who watched it on television noted not only the particularity of the glove, but also that Freeman He had a striking gesture on his left handwhich remained motionless.

Given the controversy surrounding this edition of the world Cup, many manifestations of the protagonists were observed. The question of respect for Qatar to Human Rights gave rise to many messages, some direct and others through symbols.

Given the American actor’s decision to use a glove on his left hand, many believed that it was some kind of protest. However, the explanation is much simpler and has to do with her health.

Ghanim Al-Muftah, together with Morgan Freeman at the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar (TV Capture)

Why Morgan Freeman used a glove during the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Qatar (TV Capture)

Freeman suffers from partial paralysis in his left hand, product of a traffic accident. It all happened in 2008, when it crashed in the US state of Mississippi. His car flipped several times and caused the actor multiple injuries. The most serious was the one that compromised the nerve in his hand and forced him to undergo an operation.

Although the situation improved after the surgical intervention, since then he has many limitations for the movement of that part of the body. As he explained on multiple occasions, not moving can cause swelling of the arm and cause discomfort. That is precisely what prevents the glovethat promotes blood circulation and therefore the well-being of the actor.

In this way, any type of protest message or social demonstration by the American in his presentation during the inaugural ceremony of the Qatar World Cup. Next to him on stage was also present Ghanim Al Muftaha 20-year-old influencer from Qatar who suffers Caudal Regression Syndrome (CDS)a congenital malformation that covers a spectrum of different forms of presentation and brings visceral anomalies that can affect with different degrees of importance in each of the cases.


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