The radical transformation of Joy Sunday after leaving her role as Bianca in Merlina

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Joy Sunday, who plays one of Merlina’s first enemies in Nevermore, Bianca Barclay, appeared on her social networks after the end of season 1 of the Netflix series, surprising fans with her image.

merlin It is a platform series Netflix created by Tim Burton which is based on the famous characters from the show The Addams Family 1964. In Burton’s version, Merlina (Jenna Ortega) arrives at Nevermore, a high school where only young people with supernatural powers attend, to get away from the bad reputation that accompanies it and so that it can meet people similar to it.

In Merlina we meet a variety of characters that are part of Nevermore Academy, most of them grouped according to their species. Among them are psychics like Merlina, werewolves as Enid (Emma Myers), the gorgons and the mermaids as the territorial Bianca Sinclair, played by the American actress Joy Sunday.

Joy Sunday’s character, Bianca Sinclair, proclaims herself Merlin’s enemy from the moment he meets her, sometimes making his stay a real nightmare. However, with her intelligence, Merlina manages to neutralize Bianca, to the point that towards the end of the first season the two manage to work together to save Nevermore Academy.

It wasn’t easy to make Joy Sunday’s Bianca Sinclair empathize with Jenna Ortega’s Merlina, but luckily knowing their personal history and the reasons they had for acting the way they did helped them understand each other and end up as good partners who can work in team to achieve a goal.

Actress Joy Sunday looks totally different away from her role in Merlina

The interpreter of Bianca Sinclair, Joy Sunday, made her debut on American television as a guest star in the reboot of the famous series MacGyver (2016) and achieved recognition with the film Bad Hair (2020).. The interpreter has also produced a series of short films and has ventured into audiobook narration, a task that she describes as rewarding and that she combines with her passion for acting that is perfectly reflected in Merlina.

Recently, the actress of Bianca Sinclair, Joy Sunday, was shown on her social networks without the costume of the mermaid who had powers to control the minds in Merlina. Out of the Nevermore Academy uniform, the actress looks sweet and glamorous. It should be noted that she does not have the aqua green eyes of her character and that she is a lover of fashion in all her expressions.as evidenced by the variety of images that he left on his Instagram profile for the enjoyment of fans.


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