The Queen asks about “resistance” in traditional medicine to…

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He chairs a conference of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Lleida


Queen Letizia resumed her official agenda after the summer holidays this Tuesday at CaixaForum in Lleida, where she chaired the Cancer Tour conference organized by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) given by Dr. Carlos López-Otín to whom He has shown his gratitude and asked why there is “resistance” in traditional medicine to integrative medicine.

“I would just like to know why there is so much resistance among traditional, orthodox medicine, among oncologists, to integrative medicine,” said the Queen during question time after recalling that in February 2022 the European Parliament launched its first strategy against cancer, for the first time there has been talk of integrative medicine.

López-Otín has responded that “integrative medicine is the future, because the body is an integrity, harmony comes piece by piece”.

The doctor has also said that those who dedicate themselves to certain professions have to study. “You can never stop studying because if you don’t you can’t be up to the task”, and he added that some innovations years ago were not studied in the degree.

The Queen has also been interested in how prevention influences 90% of the origin of cancer, the replicative and the one that is related to the environment, lifestyle and habits, “in order to eliminate that toxicity, poor nutrition, dysbiosis or imbalance, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, stress and loss of circadian regulation”.

“The key is in what Letizia says, prevention is the key” responded Lopez Otín, who has given as an example of the many possibilities that the Bruxa d’Or, the lottery administration of Sort (Lleida) has in distributing prizes because of the large number of series it acquired.

“If we saturate our repair mechanisms without taking any prevention strategy, the most normal, the most natural, the most possible, is that we have tumors because we are not repairing anything,” he remarked.

In this sense, he has affirmed that it is necessary to repair before replicating: “once you have divided the cell and the genetic material, it is no longer worth repairing, because how do you distinguish what is normal from what is altered?”

The Cancer Tour is a conference, organized by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), which tours Spain with the aim of increasing the visibility and knowledge of cancer in society and the entity’s free services.


Neither the mayor of the city, Miquel Pueyo, nor the delegate of the Generalitat in the province, Bernat Solé, attended the event, and the Queen was received by the president of the AECC, Ramón Reyes; the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón; the Government delegate in Catalonia, Maria Eugènia Gay; the president of the Association in Lleida, Sisco Maranges and Carlos López-Otín.

The Queen’s visit to Lleida has motivated a rally in favor of Cavallers street, where they have launched ‘vivas’ to the monarchy and the Kings, and another against in which the attendees have chanted ‘Out with the Spanish monarchy’, ‘ The monarchy does not represent me’ and ‘Libertad Pablo Hasél’ alluding to the imprisoned rapper.