The photo of Memo Ochoa with 6 fingers who “threw signing” in GreeceMediotiempo

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It has become world famous for its great saves in the World Cups against powers such as Brazil, the Netherlands and Germany, in Qatar 2022 for stop Robert Lewandowski’s penaltybut incredible as it may seem, in Greece they believed that Guillermo Ochoa had six fingers and that was the only way to explain his spectacular sets.

Paco Memo could fail with some things as a goalkeeper (those that Christian Martinoli took flight numbering), but the former player from América boasts the best reflexes in world soccer under the posts. And this is not new, since his debut with the Eagles these conditions were seen and several years ago the Hellenic media spread the news of the Ochoa polydactyly.

Does Memo Ochoa have six fingers? That’s what they said in Greece

To put ourselves in context of how this version came about, we have to go back to the beginning of the last decade. Ochoa seemed to be the starting goalkeeper for Mexico for the 2010 World Cup in South Africabut Javier Aguirre preferred to put Conejo Pérez, a man he trusted.

One year later, in 2011before the scandal arose Guillermo doping with clenbuterolit was rumored that Ochoa was interested in Olympiakos of Greeceas well as Fulham from England and the PSG of France, with which he was closest to settling down until the problem referred to by consumption of contaminated meat was aired.

The Greek media, at that time, spread the news that the goalkeeper suffered from polydactyly, a genetic disorder that causes humans to be born with more fingers or toes. Of Guillermo Ochoa assured that he had six fingers and even They showed photographs as “evidence”referring that this brought down his contract with Olympiakos, as well as with Fulham.

This is what Ochoa said about the rumor of the 6 fingers

Arrived at Salernitana in Italy at the beginning of 2023, the Mexican goalkeeper was questioned by the renowned media Gazzetta dello Sport about that version that circulated in Europe and that, over the years with its great performances in the World Cups, was taken up by fans.

“It was a rumor that spread in Greece, at a time when it seemed that he was going to reach Olympiakos. December 28 is the April Fool’s Day in Mexico. The newspapers have fun making up news and one of them referred to me already my supposed six fingers on one hand. In my country they laughed at that, in Greece someone liked that and so the legend was born“, he commented.


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