The Nordic Curl and how to do it to have strong and marked legs

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Do you want to train your legs and core at the same time? The Nordic Curl it can be the key exercise your routine needs.

we already have the Nodic Noir on TV, Nordic thrillers in literature and the perfect sweaters that come from that side of the world, but there is also one Nordic exercise worth learning to master and that is a leg curl variation that has many benefits.

The nordic curls it’s a strength exercise who works the hamstringswhich are the muscles on the back of your legs that help you move more powerfully and help you perform all kinds of essential exercises and daily activities (such as running, walking, and jumping), and it’s important have exercises within the routine that specifically target that area (you really shouldn’t ignore any muscles when training).

boxrox explains that it is a “Kneeling bodyweight leg exercise that especially activates the hamstrings”, and it makes the 3 muscles that make up the hamstrings work like never before, which are biceps femoris, semimembranosus and semitendinosuswhich go from the knees to the hips.

How to do the Nordic Curl to get strong and marked legs?


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The nordic curl It’s also a great exercise to work your glutes and core strength, through the muscles that support your spine and allow you to stand tall and have good posture when sitting, standing, or exercising.

In accordance with boxroxThis exercise also helps reduce the risk of knee injuries Because they strengthen the knee flexors, it is ideal for increasing volume in the legs, gaining strength and achieving better performance in other exercises where the legs are involved.


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