The Nintendo Switch eShop Teams Picks logo turns out to be very similar to the Nintendo Selects logo

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The Nintendo Selects are titles chosen by Nintendo, among the best sellers, at a reduced price that laid the foundations for Wii U Y Nintendo 3DS back in 2015. To identify these titles, a very characteristic logo was created on the cover. However, it does not seem to have transcended this concept of Nintendo Selects for switch.

Well, we just met, thanks to Jon Cartwrighta new category in the eShop of switch and that could be indicating a twist to these Nintendo Select. Neither more nor less, the logo with which certain Nintendo Switch titles are advertised in the digital store is certainly similar to the logo of Nintendo Selects.

Both the shape and the color, as well as the letters of these Team Picks they have too great similarities to go unnoticed, although, unfortunately, it seems more like a reuse than anything else, given that, although games of the best sellers of switchmost lack any reduction in their price.

What do you think? Should Nintendo bail out Nintendo Selects on Switch? Leave us your comments.