The nine reasons for ‘Tano’ – Alberto Bernard

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MYTH: America is for champion.

REALITY: Soccer is about moments and Eagles live an extraordinary

Ferdinand Ortiz He was able to reverse the bad start and in forty days he went from being a total disappointment to being the first candidate for the title.

The ‘Tano’ achieved in nine games, nine reasons to change the team’s aspirations.

1) He knew how to reach the player, he became close, he keeps them happy, he generated credibility and he earned their trust.

2) He was right in the tactical figure, the 1-4-2-3-1 works perfectly for him and he got the ideal 11.

3) He handles the matches perfectly. In the streak he was up on the scoreboard in seven games and in two that he was down he managed to come back.

4) Work the matches and close them by modifying 1-4-4-2. Bring in a second center forward to close out games.

5) He gave Fidalgo the steering wheel to run the midfield. The Spaniard has participated in 764 snaps in the nine wins, a high construction participation rate, as well as 543 passes with 93 percent accuracy.

6) He managed to detonate the offensive potential, 26 goals in the streak, for an average of 2.8 goals per game. He recovered Henry Martin, six goals in 21 shots on goal and three assists.

7) He found his defensive balance, conceding only four goals in the last 810 minutes and in five games he managed to keep a clean sheet. Because of the constant injuries he has used eight defenders, regardless of the names he managed to keep up the good work in the lower zone. In addition to solidifying Emilio Lara as a First Division player.

8) One of the greatest virtues of the Argentine coach is to keep the majority of the squad at the same soccer level, because despite the forced changes, the one who enters maintains the level and the team does not resent it.

9) The most important thing is that Americanism was revived, with Solari you won, but it was not contagious, in this version the team more closely represents the values ​​of America of winning and liking.

CONCLUSIONS: Betting everything that those from Coapa will be champions is difficult, in such a volatile tournament, anyone who reaches the Repechage with a winning streak is a candidate for the title. We must not forget the moment that Pachuca, Chivas and Monterrey live.