The new AirPods Pro cheaper than ever

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One of the latest products that Apple has launched on the market is the second-generation AirPods Pro, a product that has been talked about a lot and that, of course, has been hard to come by until Cupertino’s have made it a reality. Well, despite the fact that it has only been out for 3 months, now you can buy it cheaper thanks to the offer that we leave you in this post.

Discounted second generation AirPods Pro

It is really strange that a product that has been on the market for such a short time already has a discount like the second generation AirPods Pro, especially also taking into account that these Apple headphones practically sell themselves thanks to the specifications and performance that they are able to offer to all users who use them on a day-to-day basis.

Also, if we talk about the price, it should be mentioned that Apple has raised the price compared to the previous generation, although this increase has really only been 20 euros, since the first generation AirPods Pro cost 279 euros and the second generation 299 euros in Apple stores. Well, thanks to MediaMarkt, all users who want to buy the new Apple headphones will be able to save these 20 euros in price and buy the second generation AirPods Pro, at the same price as the first generation, that is, 279 euro.

Are they really worth it?

The AirPods Pro have been, since they went on the market, one of the most outstanding Apple headphones thanks to how complete they are. So much so, that those of Cupertino have not had the need to renew them until more than three years have passed since their launch. They have been able to make the public fall in love due to three fundamental factors, comfort, noise cancellation, and of course, sound quality what are you offering.

Well, two of these three fundamental points have made a qualitative leap in the second generation AirPods Pro. Noise cancellation has improvedstanding a couple of steps above that of the previous generation, which we already classified as one of the best on the market, but where there has been a huge leap has been in sound qualitySo much so, that it has come quite close to what its older brothers offer, the AirPods Max, and that is saying a lot.

iPhone and AirPods Pro

But beware, this is not all, the second generation AirPods Pro now have one more size of pads, which have caused many users who previously could not use these headphones because they fell out of their ears, now they find it comfortable and safe to use them on a day-to-day basis. They have also incorporated, in the temple, the ability to raise and lower the volume with a simple gesture. In short, the AirPods Pro are very worth it, so much so that they are surely the most complete and versatile headphones you can find on the market, and now on sale. oh

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