The mysterious letter from Queen Elizabeth II that she left in Sydney- Uno TV

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The mysterious letter that Queen Elizabeth II left in Sydney.  Photo: Getty Images
The mysterious letter that Queen Elizabeth II left in Sydney. Photo: Getty Images

Isabel II Wrote one mysterious letter during a trip in 1986 a Australiawhich cannot be read until 2085. Several of his collaborators wonder about the content of this letter, which is protected in the Queen Victoria of Sydneymonument dedicated to the queen Victoriagreat-grandmother of late queen.

In the sealed envelope the letter has the following legend: “To the just and honorable Lord Mayor of Sydney, Australia. Greetings. On a suitable day selected by you in the year 2085 AD. C. please open this envelope and convey to the citizens of Sydney my message to them. Elizabeth R.”

Elizabeth II leaves strict orders for mysterious letter

The Queen isabel II let strict orders for opening this mysterious letter and while the deadline is up, he is in a time capsule located in a restricted area of ​​the Queen Victoria of Sydneybuilt to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the reign of Victory I between the years 1893 Y 1898.

Not even the working staff with the Royal family know what the says mysterious letterbut according to the instructions given by the deceased Queen isabel II were that the indicated day that the Mayor of Sydney decided in the year 2085, asks for a favor open the envelope and convey a message to the citizens of Sydney.

The administration of Queen Victoria of Sydney had kept the dome where the letter is located out of the public’s reach, but for a few years, tourists can now enter this space that had remained inaccessible.

Now with the death of Isabel II questions arise about the mysterious letter and the message that the late monarch of the United Kingdom would have written for the citizens of sydney. In the world, doubts arise from the followers of the late queen, who would like to know its content.